Pediatrician now a mom after adopting 10-year-old patient and his younger sister

D.J. Edge, 10, was adopted by Dr. Arveitta Edge of Noble, Oklahoma, on May 11, 2020, via Zoom video call.

«We met and that was that.»

A pediatrician can now call herself «mom» after becoming a proud parent to one of her patients and his sibling.

Dr. Arveitta Edge of Noble, Oklahoma, met her 10-year-old son D.J. when he came to her office for a checkup with his foster parents. Edge later met D.J.’s biological sister, Brianna, 7.

«I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, he’s such a sweet-natured child,» Edge said. «There was an instant bond, an instant click. Brianna, she’s incredibly smart and has a wicked sense of humor.»

She went on, «The foster parents were dear, sweet people but they were elderly. They couldn’t take them in.»

Edge told «Good Morning America» she always wanted to foster and adopt a child. She had even mentioned it to D.J.’s foster parents during his visit.




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